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About Joey

Born in 1993. Graduated from the school of Photography in 2014. Lightroom. Photography. Crazy about improving workflow. Cityperson. Good food. Coffee. Sun. Sleeping in. Traveling. More coffee!


We want to match your style and approach, so send us all your presets you use. We have our own presets as well as Mastin, VSCO, LXC, and others.

A Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews is the best way to send over your files. We have instructions in case you need them.

We'll prepare samples to make sure everything is done according to your style before completing the set.


Most orders are returned within 4 to 6 business days, rush options are also available if you need something back really quickly.


This is a really crucial part of our process. If needed, we'll apply corrections and make sure we improve along the way!

 Preweddingshoot Wendel en Bas

Marco Reeuwijk

"Once Joey has edited a wedding for you, you will never want to do the bulk of the post-processing yourself anymore. Joey is fast, accurate, and listens attentively to your wishes and demands. He, like no other, know how to edit photos in a humble way."