Eliene de Jong-Sonneveld

“Joey edits all my weddings since last summer. At first this was a huge deal to me to outsource my editing, but Joey knows what he is doing. He is really great in editing and gives me more time doing more wedding!”

Eliene de Jong-Sonneveld - www.sunfieldphotography.nl

 Preweddingshoot Wendel en Bas

Marco Reeuwijk

"Once Joey has edited a wedding for you, you will never want to do the bulk of the post-processing yourself anymore. Joey is fast, accurate, and listens attentively to your wishes and demands. He, like no other, know how to edit photos in a humble way."

Marco Reeuwijk & Esther de Boer - www.allmylovin.nl


Arma Kremers

"With Joey editing my photos, I have more time to accept jobs and to work on what I love most: photography. He makes sure that the photos are deliverd fast and to your liking.

If you dread having to edit all those images, you should definitely make use of Joey's services!"

Arma Fotografie - www.armafotografie.nl


Henk van Lambalgen

"As soon as I notice that I can’t reach my goals I will outsource my editing. With Joey I can find peace again. Joey is easily approachable, good with communication and really good in adjusting to my style. After a few weddings he had perfectioned my editing style.”

Henk van Lambalgen -www.henkvanlambalgen.com


Tessa Versteeg

“I’ve got so more time for other projects by outsourcing my editing with Joey. I feel so more relaxed and you’re so fast, It’s a pleasure to work together.

I’m getting more and more jobs and don’t want to rush anything. It’s really nice to know that you take over my editing.

You are so nice to work with, like to think with me when I struggle and is really good with feedback!

Tessa Versteeg - www.bytess.nl


Emmily van Oeveren

"Joey has really proven himself. The editing work is top-notch! I am really happy with him being so clear and concise in his e-mails, always responding promptly, honouring his commitments and taking initiative to suggest how he can serve me even better.

Emmily van Oeveren - www.emmilyb.com


Nienke van Denderen

"You are very passionate about what you do, and make great efforts to satisfy your clients. Since I've let you edit my images, work has been a lot less stressful and certainly more manageable."

Nienke van Denderen - www.nienkevandenderen.nl